hana crawford

This roll of gold was shot over 3 weeks time in my home-for-two-years-and-counting, Santa Fe, NM. The seven images posted are the lone survivors of the roll I shot in the three weeks leading up to my 27th birthday. I took the last shot in the early hours of the morning after a night of sitting with friends in my concrete yard, inebriated, around a rusted-out, jankety oil barrel-turned hobo furnace.

I used the film to document my house and home state: my porch and the blue sky above La Bajada hill are the images that made it. The last few, out of focus and a little smokey themselves, are good representations of my condition at the end of that late night/early morning, driving with a boy down Hwy 14 to finish off the first and last roll of Kodachrome I would every shoot.

…at which point I finished the roll and proceeded to wind the film back into the canister to ship back.

What caused it to snap, I cannot tell you–I met some resistance about 1/3 of the way through, even though I was gentle with it. Nevertheless, I opened the camera to find that the holes at the bottom edge of the film had torn, and I was exposing the film to the early morning sun.

I contacted Jon, he contacted the film dudes, and instructed me in sealing the canister, which I did with help of my friend, fine landscape photographer Ray Belcher, who had also coached me in Kodachrome. I sent the film off to Portland. It made it to Kansas. And Jon is my hero.



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