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Here are a few from the four rolls I shot.  It took a while to decide how best to break them up since I was traveling as I was taking them and the location/subject matter doesn’t neatly divide among each roll.  So for this first post I decided to focus on some of the more personal things I shot.  Most of these shots are around the house in Michigan where my sister and I grew up, and where my dad lived until he died about a year ago.  My sister went with me to take these pictures and to shoot other film (more on that below).  The are also a couple pictures of where he worked, a company my grandpa founded and my dad took on, begrudgingly…also, a couple random stores which a remember from growing up.  Finally, there are a few shots from visiting my grandparents in Florida, a week before.

Here is also a good place to note that there was to be super-8 footage of the house , of me taking these pictures and other nonsense situations.  I only found around five rolls of super-8 film since I had started this project and two of them had already been exposed.  Another issue was that I had broken my camera of five years and had shot all my previous super-8 film on.  I had no luck finding a replacement for it in Portland, Denver or the state of Florida.  Finally, the Friday before the Monday the film had to be shipped out (also Christmas Eve-Eve) I contacted a person on Craigslist who had two cameras and a myriad of old film lights for home movies.  I drove an hour north of Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids to look at the cameras and miraculously one of them ran and hadn’t sat for decades with the batteries left in.  Long story not-so-short: none of the film we had a chance to shoot came out… Won’t know if it was the camera until I can run some other film through it, but it is just as likely that all the rolls had been improperly stored and the chemistry degraded, a potential problem when using any long-expired film, but particularly Kodachrome.


fake deer, down the street as long as I can remember.

frozen pond, backyard.

front yard

And a few in Florida…


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