christen cofer

Here are excerpts from two rolls shot by Christen Cofer,  one I sent him and one he had lying around.  You can view more of Christen’s excellent work here

“I decided to take a walk one sunday afternoon around the west side of harlem. Armed with my Canon Elan 7N and 2 lenses i went on a walk that would end in me taking the pics that would start the roll of kodachrome. i shot maybe 20 exposures that day until the sun started to go down. I was hoping to finish the roll but i didnt want to rush the process. Each frame was important to me so i didnt want to waste any shots by taking a picture of something i wasn’t really into just for the sake of burning down the roll. The rest of the roll was shot that following week on another walk i went on in midtown manhattan. Overall i am really happy about how these came out and i cant wait to see the second more experimental roll i shot.”

And here are a few from his second roll…


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